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Through a global network of offices and highly trained agents, We provide polyethylene flexitanks for wine and food-grade liquids together with non-hazardous chemicals and specialty oils. In addition, We can also supply single membrane flexitanks constructed from PVC alloys and polyethylene

Product specifications


We operate multi-ply and single membrane, single trip disposable flexitanks developed from the latest ultra high tensile ethylene co-polymers. Tube construction eliminates longitudinal seams thus reducing the risks of defects or failures. Ethylene co-polymer materials provide stretch and energy absorption properties, which means enhanced physical strength, durability and safety resulting with improved containment.


All materials can be used for food-grade quality and comply with US FDA, German BGA, and EEC directive standards and approvals. Latest construction techniques maintain consistent flexitank quality and ongoing R&D ensures up to latest designs.


We can supply a range of equipment suitable for a varied product range. Top loading/ Bottom discharge flexitanks are readily available together with specialized equipment with a foil barrier for products that are oxygen or moisture sensitive. Insulation and heaters are supplied for temperature sensitive products.

Global Availability

Flexitank stocks are maintained globally, administered by regional offices in the UK, France, Singapore, USA, Australia, South Africa, and China. Specialty, tailor made designs can be engineered to meet specific customer requirements and capacities range from 12,000 to 24,000 liters.

Health & Safety

We operate within strict guidelines specified in its Environmental Health and Safety Manual. All regional offices strictly enforce the terms of the EHS within their operating areas. Our Flexitank System is environmentally friendly and all materials used can be recycled or readily disposed of.

Flexitank Specifications

The Flexitank System (Foodgrade)
Fabric weight: 220gsm
Total weight: 790gsm
Tensile strength, weft: 30.5MPa
Tensile strength, warp: 34.8Mpa
Tear strength, weft: 1469N/cm
Tear strength, warp: 1395N/cm
Low temperature flexibility: -10°C
High temperature flexibility: 60°C
Melt point index: 0.8
Elongation MD (ASTM D882): 645%
Elongation TD (ASTM D882): 710%


Our flexitank is made from films fully compliant with the US FDA regulations notably 21 CFR177.1520 and EU directive 90/128EEC and its various updates. It has also foodgrade approvals from the Chinese and Japanese authorities.

Recommended Use:

Single use flexitank for foodstuff, base oils, edible oils, wine, glycerin, fruit juices, non-hazardous chemicals, latex, and industrial products.

Flexitank Types

Multilayer polyethylene
Single and double layer polyethylene
Barrier tanks
Bottom discharge, top loading