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Customs declaration service

We meet the requirements of customs procedures quickly with reasonable prices, which all importers are interested in.

  • With the timely preparation of necessary documents, the procedure of customs clearance is usually expedited.
  • We provide services of packaging and labeling by international standards and wood treatment accordance with IPPC ones.
  • Warehousing – Distribution – Inland Cartage


With a team of experienced and highly trained customs and documentation staff, Compass Logistics and Trading will help customers carry out procedures, documents, and prepare import documents quickly and securely. This will not only help customers save a lot of time instead of finding out for themselves, but also avoid the risk of goods not getting an import license.

We always attend and update consulting information and propose new regulations from the Government, ready to serve, support and advise on all issues related to applying for import licenses for our customers. Helping customers’ orders be imported conveniently and cost-effectively.

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