Procedures for importing food additives to Vietnam

Is it difficult to import a shipment of food additives? And what is the procedure?

It can be said that although the demand for food additives in processing, preservation, nutrition… has increased sharply but this industry in Vietnam is almost undeveloped, nearly 100% of all kinds of processing additives. Vietnam’s food depends on foreign countries.

However, according to the survey results from the Food Safety Department, the market for imported additives is currently quite complicated, with the rampant appearance on the market of additives that are outside the regulatory list . making most of the regulatory agencies as well as customers skeptical about the  development of “allowed” additives and the level of safety when using this food.

Facing that alarming situation, the functional forces have “reinforced management and tightened further in the import and circulation of food additives in order to control the quality and protect the health of consumers.

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